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Dhananjay Gupta

Passionate and Perceptive! Software Developmnt Engineer at Amazon Web Services, Inc.

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About Me


I’m Dhananjay Gupta, Software Development Engineer at Amazon Web Services, Inc. I did my Master’s in Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Chicago. I’m humbled that you consider my introduction worthy of your valuable time.

Professional and Academic Pursuit

I currently work as a Software Development Engineer at Amazon Web Services, Inc. in Seattle, WA, USA. In the past I have worked as a Graduate Teaching Assistant for the classes of CS-540 (Advance Software Engineering), (Object Oriented Languages and Environment) and CS-478 (Software Development for Mobile Platforms) at the University of Illinois at Chicago. The rapid boom in computer science which offers a surfeit of exciting job opportunities, has thrusted my decision on embarking a career path in this thriving sector. A fascination with computers coupled with their capability to solve difficult problems in an optimum manner, propelled my interest towards improving my knowledge set and skills in the same direction. Problem solving, mathematical puzzles and devising new algorithms is where my strength lies. Thus, pursuing my Master’s in Computer Science was an easy decision.

The fields of most interests to me are Advance Software Engineering, Data Structure and Algorithms, DevOps, Cloud Computing and Big Data. They involve extensive computational and problem-solving skills where my strengths lie. In retrospect, endowed with a intuitive mind, I was exposed to chess at the age of 9. Seeing my natural flair for chess, my father gifted me a personal computer since he wanted me to play it on the computer to refine my skills. Our curriculum included programming languages from 6th grade which got me exposed to a strong technical foundation since a young age.

I have always stood among the top 3 students at school and was bestowed a Full Tuition Fee Waiver Scholarship for 11th and 12th grade because of my exceptional academic performance at the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) Examinations, 10th grade, 2010. The Computer Science department at the University of Illinois at Chicago, based on my impressive academic record and technical skills, upon my admission to the university, has awarded me with a graduate level assistantships during my Master’s.

Projects and Work Experience

Most Recently I have been doing various software engineering projects which include among others: EMPERICAL ANLYSIS OF JENKINS PIPELINES to discover patterns and trends in various repositories and their continuous integration pipelines, GIT REPOSIOTRY ANALYZER a git patch analyzer which does string and syntax level parsing to analyze and generate reports determining common bugs by analyzing repeated patterns in ‘patches’ to source code, DEVOPS WORKFLOW a programmatic simulation to the process by streaming repositories from GitHub, uploading each repository to a local GitLab server and triggering the local Jenkins server which builds, tests and analyses repositories using JaCoCo and Understand.

I worked on a machine learning project to perform Aspect based Sentiment Analysis. My solution involved understanding various approaches to tackle the task, analyzes the text/sentences and finally build a classifier capable of determining the sentiment of the provided text/sentence. We examined various text cleaning techniques, machine learning models and discuss their respective merits. I have worked extensively on Applied Artificial Intelligence developing expert systems, fuzzy expert systems, Bayesian network, decision networks and a Kaggle based machine learning competition. I developed an Online Shopping Web Application as the culmination of my training in using J2SE, J2EE and related technologies. Through these technologies I implemented an online shopping environment over multiple categories of products enabling user to create private accounts and store items in an inbuilt shopping cart. As an summer intern I was part of an training program at SSI, India where I worked on Java technologies and implemented various modules involving creating a Java based text editor to edit plain text and various other modules which used servlets, JSP, JDBC, struts and hibernate. I also did a similar training program in Big Data and Hadoop at the same institute and implemented MapReduce jobs for variety of analysis on sample data for single node configuration on Cloudera Virtual Machine, extensively used Combiner and Partitioner, Also worked with PIG for data analysis.

I have had my experience with mobile application development as well, wherein, I developed many mobile applications which include among others: Playlist Manager an Android application to manage your favorite songs and related information. City Guide an android app that uses fragments and displays top 10 attractions and restaurants in the city of Chicago. Lucky-Unlucky an multi-threaded android application played between two threads, and many more applications using android content providers, services and SQLite database.
Additionally, I have had attended technical workshops for Object Oriented Design using RSA, Software Testing and Design using RFT, student development program on ERP and Business Intelligence Reporting held by TCS. I hold EMC Academic Associate certifications in Cloud Infrastructure and service, Information Storage and Management. I pursued a research on improving the efficiencies of priority queues as my academic major project. I hold recognition certificates from WCMAS, a program based on visual arithmetic and computation skills, for my exceptional performance at state level.

Leadership, Management and Hobbies

I harbor an inclination towards music and have been awarded a certificate with distinction from Trinity College London for my proficiency in classical guitar.

I underwent training at the International Association of Lions Clubs wherein I successfully completed my training in Lions District Leadership Workshop-2015. Trained on Change Management, Communication, Conducting Effective Meetings, Mentoring Program, Creative Thinking, Focused Discussion, Evaluation.

I have volunteered for Indian Water Works Association and All World Gayatri Pariwar which is a living model of a futuristic society. Volunteered in organizing several human wellbeing programs and rural education drive.

Professional Vision

At this crucial juncture, I am inclined towards building a strong professional career. the master’s program in Computer Science offered at the university of Illinois at Chicago had provided me with an atmosphere like which boasts of a confluence of people from every culture, nationality, religion and ideology, I am confident of reflecting strong ethical values, inclusiveness and develop my personality for the better. I am optimistic that my education had equiped me with the best set of skills and expertise to scale great heights professionally.